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We are now open for all regular users.

The Government decided to enter Step 4 of the road map on Monday July 19th, when many of the control measures ceased to be a legal requirement. However. the Government strongly advised that we all take personal responsibility and continue to act in a cautious manner. In addition, Cheshire West & Chester Council advised that infection rates in the local area remained very high and asked residents to maintain the good practices that have helped to reduce the spread of the virus, especially when in close contact with others.

Prior to Step 4, we opened for those regular hirers who were allowed to operate but COVID restrictions resulted in significant changes to normal operation and a set of supplemental terms and conditions. Three key measures have now been removed :

  • the need for an agreed COVID-19 risk assessment
  • the 10 ft x 10 ft “box” which was assigned for each person in an exercise class
  • closure of the Committee room and AM room – both will now reopen as will the kitchens.

However, some of the other measures remain in place as recommendations from the TCC Committee :

a)  Please continue with all the basic measures such as hand washing, use of tissues when required
. . . and of course, do not attend if you have symptoms or feel unwell
b)  We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and recommend that all people use it
c)  We request that convenors / class leaders sanitise key touch points before and after their session, using the materials provided.
. . . (Key touch points include door and window handles, light switches)
d)  We recommend that windows and doors are opened to maximise ventilation
e)  Social distancing and the wearing of masks – the convenor / class leader should make the decision but we strongly recommend a cautious approach, especially in confined spaces and more crowded rooms
f)  Room capacities are normally based on fire regulations but users may decide to operate with a lower limit to make their group feel more comfortable
g)  Track & trace continues to be an important tool to fight the pandemic - please ensure an attendance record is maintained
. . QR codes are still in place in the Main hall & Craven room - please maintain written record for two smaller rooms
. . Contact NHS track & trace and email the community the event of anybody testing positive for COVID-19.

During the pandemic, the Trustees completed their own risk assessment, a Trustees' procedure and a procedure that had to
be followed by users, These documents are still available to view in "COVID-19 Related Documents" on the "Certs" tab.

Tarporley Carnival is being held on the weekend of July 9 th 2022

Contact Rotary Club of Tarporley for more details -

Wildflower Area

Volunteers are planting the wildflower area
for the second year.

Start a new club or class and we will advertise it here -- -- existing users are listed in "What's On"




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